From my own studio in the heart of Somerset, I perform and record voice work for clients all over the world, including Singapore, Spain, the USA and the UK.

During my years in broadcast and corporate video production as a director and editor, I often found myself performing temp VO's and thoroughly enjoying the craft. This led to me beginning my own career as a professional voice artist.

I offer a wide variety of styles and accents; from warm, reassuring and authoritative to mischievous and chatty; from Neutral RP to Texas Cowboy. I also do a pitch-perfect Sean Connery!

My voice has been used for commercials, documentaries, audiobooks, animated films, promos, webcasts, conference presentations, corporate telephone answer systems and even ringtones.

Visit my voice website - www.VoiceTastic.co.uk - to listen to samples.

And here's my showreel