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Since I was five, I've always been taking pictures. My creative preoccupation has come to involve the exploration of light, be it contrived on a shoot or captured spontaneously on location. I love the countryside and have a broad portfolio of landscapes and still lifes exploring the tactility of nature. I also enjoy portraiture, both composed and candid, seeking to capture the character of individuals and fleeting moments.

My grounding in film storytelling enables me to identify the narrative of a photograph, and to bring it out. I feel that all good photographs tell a story, whether it's an epic, evocative landscape, or a clear and informative instructional image. I also believe that a pleasing aesthetic is vital to engaging the eye and conveying the desired meaning.

I have a working knowledge of Photoshop and its broad range of uses, from subtle enhancements through to full-scale compositing and design. I've used it in my DVD authoring, to create publicity material such as posters and DVD sleeves, and in the construction of  websites.

I own a Canon Powershot G10 DSLR and I drive my creative software on my iMac.